Mug & Spoon Set - Pig


There's a pig in your coffee

Pigs may fly but they sometimes need to rest, and where better than in your coffee. It's a cute one so it's ok.

This gorgeous mug and spoon set is one of four styles, and features a pink pig spoon hanging on the lip of your pink pig mug (say that three times fast). Let it watch over your coffee once you have stirred in your milk, and cream, and sugar.

Alternatively, drink tea or even water with it. The strong porcelain mug can be used for any drink you want to have with cute little pigs.


- SIZES: Mug 100x100x100mm (128mmW with handle) Spoon 110mmH.
- STYLE: Pig
- QUANTITY: 1 Mug and Spoon
- FEATURES: Cute pig spoon that hangs on the lip of the pig mug.
- MATERIALS: Porcelain
- SOURCE: Concombre

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