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Back from the USA

We are back from overseas and gradually getting back in to the swing of things. Orders are going out again, and new products are on the way!

On the Move

We are in the process of moving home & office. This will mean that any orders placed after Monday 12th March will be delayed for a week or two. We will still be processing orders, however as all our stock will be on the move, orders won't be posted until after the 24th.

Crazy Market Time

Hey there sexy owls!Ok so it is getting a little crazy here at Two owls at the moment. We went to free shipping for chistmas this last week and every one has really taken to it. Which is great.Right now we are down in Brissie and will be visiting the Finders Keepers markets tomorrow and look forward to meeting lots of lovely creative people.....

Sticky (tape) Situation

A sicky tape mess turns into an interesting find in the "days of our lives" at Two Owls.

Newsletter success

Well if you had signed up to our newsletter and some of those who hadn't (family, computer illiterate friends and some people we just like sending emails too, we don't know them - but they'll know about us now - Haha) you would have received our very first newsletter. If your missed out this time, then quick get over to the sign up section for the next one.

Video Fun


So the last two days I have been taking and editing footage for my Archie Grand video to show everyone how awesome the range is and how sturdy the notebooks are. It is coming soon. Who'd have thought editing video and animation took so long?I hope to have it done next week when we release the first newsletter and other goodies :)Here is a screen shot of what you have to expect...............

The Robots are coming, and other stuff

So I told you we hunted Melbourne, but what I didn't say was we have an exciting new range of products coming in the next couple of weeks.Bec will probably tell you she loves the new homeware range we are bringing to you but, what I am particularly excited about, is the Robots. The crafty Robots are coming. That is all I can say at the moment :)The other new items that are coming include, stuff for your dining room table,.....

Back from the Hunt


After four days of too much eating, drinking and shopping we are back from Melbourne, slightly fatter, a lot poorer and with exciting new stock.Our first stock hunt has been a very interesting, and fun learning experience. Bec made me wear this ultra trendy jacket I actually bought for a friends 70's carnival themed party....

Oh the hard work.

Paper roll dispenser

Lukes first post. There, finished! Rebecca just told me Im going to have to write a bit more than that if I am to tell you about what we are doing at the moment. And here I thought you can get it all from my first sentence. Basically things are flat out at the moment. Bec has taken most of the photos, sourced and found most of the stock, cropped and uploaded all the photos, got all the finances in order, retaken all the photos because she didn't think the first set was good enough...