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Crazy Market Time

Hey there sexy owls!Ok so it is getting a little crazy here at Two owls at the moment. We went to free shipping for chistmas this last week and every one has really taken to it. Which is great.Right now we are down in Brissie and will be visiting the Finders Keepers markets tomorrow and look forward to meeting lots of lovely creative people.....

Meet Kristen from Minoux!


In our quest for you to really get to know the products and the stories behind the brands you are buying, we would love to introduce you to some of the amazing designers / makers behind the products we sell here at Two Owls.Today we are featuring Kristen who designs and makes all the jewellery for her label Minoux.

Sticky (tape) Situation

A sicky tape mess turns into an interesting find in the "days of our lives" at Two Owls.