The Robots are coming, and other stuff

So I told you we hunted Melbourne, but what I didn't say was we have an exciting new range of products coming in the next couple of weeks.

Bec will probably tell you she loves the new homeware range we are bringing to you but, what I am particularly excited about, is the Robots. The crafty Robots are coming. That is all I can say at the moment :)

The other new items that are coming include, stuff for your dining room table, stuff for your wall, stuff for your Christmas tree, stuff to hang on your tree, or even stuff to replace your tree.

Shortly we are going to make up some videos on the Paper Globes and all their different features, Archie Grand Notebooks and the Alma B collection. If you have a look here you can see the new Alma B Correspondence sets. They are all designed by our very own Rebecca and printed and packed here in Australia with recycled materials.

Now to follow up on my last post, we did manage to do a few other things in Melbourne apart from stock hunting. We visited the greatest restaurant ever - The Little Creatures Restaurant. The food there was delish - the hand cut chips were actually hand cut! The whole place was decked out like a giant dining hall. They never turn anyone away and so people are placed next to whomever on long bench seats or tacked onto the edges of booths. There's great buzz and greater beer. Little Creatures beers are favourites of both Bec's and myself. Go try one - now - then come back, but try one. Hey maybe if I plug this enough they might send me a slab :)

Another place we visited, which some of you will already know, is Cookie (another fantastic restaurant) where the wall has a fairy tale collage on it and the bill is placed in a little golden book (you remember the ones - click the image below if you don't). I had the chilli squid stuffed with minced pork. I recommend you try it. There is nothing better than a sea creature stuffed with a land mammal dowsed in chilli.

After all the eating we visited The Nicholas Building, it's design influenced by the 'Chicago Style' of architecture and houses a multitude of artists, studios, designers and creatives. While there Pop Up Studios and Retro star ( I think it was Retro Star). They were housed on the first few floors and we did climb higher than those but after level 4 the lights started to literally buzz on and off and I could hear dripping water coming from somewhere. Oh, and the walls started closing in. we took a photo and left.

Pop Up Studios was only open for a few days while we were in Melbourne so we got lucky and went to their a sale for women's clothing and accessories, hmmm.  We both actually really enjoyed looking around their place. They had a live photo shoot going on when we rocked up so I watched the models and Bec bought some nice warm gloves. If you want to know a bit more about the Pop Up Studios then click on the image below and check out their blog.

At Retro Star I was able to put up my feet while Bec tried on every dress from the 50's to 70's she could find. She did find something for me though. Another jumper (still don't know what was wrong with my bleach stained red one). This one was woolly, had two stags on it and reminded me of Bret McKenzie animal shirts from Flight of the Concords.

I didn't get it. Ok, well I will follow up with the vids and the new products when they are all ready.



Kerry holland said...

Ha ha. Wonderful.

Aug 14th, 2011 at 02:35:19 PM

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