Back from the USA

We are back from our amazing overseas trip, and are gradually getting back in to the swing of things.

Our trip involved LA, San Francisco, DC, New York and Vegas, which were all amazing and different places. Each had its own unique feel, and each day was packed with adventure.

We gained so many ideas, so much inspiration, and a lot of much-needed relaxation!

Orders are going out once again (thanks so much for your patience!), and over the next few weeks you will finally begin to see a lot of amazing new products. Our newsletter will resume next month and will be full of news, featuring the new products we have been dying to show you.

Now that we are back, and are settling in to our new house, you will be hearing a lot more from us, so there will be more updates to come as things start rolling.


Tatiana said...

Natalia, I cannot erpxess how this moved me, But I think you know. Just absolutely beautiful, my two girls, you and your art. Thank you so much. I can't afford to purchase any pictures right now, but after the first of the year I plan on getting some of my favorites, which will be a feat in itself, because they are all my favorites.

Dec 20th, 2014 at 07:52:52 PM

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