Back from the USA

We are back from our amazing overseas trip, and are gradually getting back in to the swing of things.

Our trip involved LA, San Francisco, DC, New York and Vegas, which were all amazing and different places. Each had its own unique feel, and each day was packed with adventure.

We gained so many ideas, so much inspiration, and a lot of much-needed relaxation!

Orders are going out once again (thanks so much for your patience!), and over the next few weeks you will finally begin to see a lot of amazing new products. Our newsletter will resume next month and will be full of news, featuring the new products we have been dying to show you.

Now that we are back, and are settling in to our new house, you will be hearing a lot more from us, so there will be more updates to come as things start rolling.


Tatiana said...

Natalia, I cannot erpxess how this moved me, But I think you know. Just absolutely beautiful, my two girls, you and your art. Thank you so much. I can't afford to purchase any pictures right now, but after the first of the year I plan on getting some of my favorites, which will be a feat in itself, because they are all my favorites.

Dec 20th, 2014 at 07:52:52 PM

Kili said...

Here are some ideas for decorating and food. I did a naaturl theme. I collected many different types of clear glass vases from friends. In each vase I filled with mardigras silver, pearl, and blue bead necklaces (I live in New Orleans so this made it free, you could use some pretty marbles or even river stones). I spray painted branches white that I got from the yard (take leaves off or leave on) and stuck them in the vases. I traced the outline of baby related shapes on cardstock (baby bottles {careful they can look falic}, rubber ducky, teddy bear, baby rattle, and an old school type stroller) cut them out, made a hole, tied a loop with pretty{cheap} ribbon, and hung them on the tree (or you could use a cri-cut and save a lot of time!) The ornaments can be later used for a game where people would have to collect as many as they can or not have any at all. I did a pot-luck. I did it at a church so I really had to decorate to warm things up. I used some white plastic tableclothes from the dollar store (or borrow some) and covered the food tables. Under the tablecoth I put sturdy boxes ranging in size in random spots. Food was placed on the table and on top of the boxes (this added highth and definition. I added a few before mentioned vases on the food tables and laid throughout randomly some ice cycle lights. I did streamers in a centric pattern for the cealing. I spray painted a bird's nest white and gave each person a blank 3 5 card and a pen each person wrote down advice for the mother (you could make it funny) and then place the cards in the nest for the mom to keep words of wisdom and encouragement.The best thing I did was to appoint someone to help with the shower. I was good at decorating but a friend of mine wanted to do the games. We split the responsibilites and that helped a lot with stress. A great looking and tasting drink is sweet iced tea with lemon wedges and blueberries floating on top, lemon and strawberries work well too! All in all I spent $30. On a budget the best thing to do is to come up with a theme, look at your friends and pull together your resources. What are you good at,what you are not good at, which of your friends is good at what you're not, ask them to help. What they contribute can be put in a card and they can say what they contributed to the party as their present.I hope this helps.

Dec 24th, 2014 at 01:37:57 PM

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