About Us

Rebecca: Hi, welcome to Two Owls Boutique! My name’s Rebecca…

Luke: and my name’s Awesome… Awesome Luke…

Rebecca: we started up this little online boutique as a space where you can find lovely homewares, gifts and stationery in a friendly, local environment.

Luke: Yaaaaaayyyyy!

Rebecca: Calm down Luke.

Luke: Ok, sorry just so excited - go on.

Rebecca: We’re both passionate about fun, beautiful products and helping people find them.

Luke: Yep, and owls…we like owls too.

Rebecca: We take all our own photos and videos, so you can see as much of the product as possible before buying it

Luke: Bec takes the photos, I take the video…… that’s why there’s a lot more photos.

Rebecca: Our hope is for Two Owls to be not just a shop, but a home and gift ideas centre. We love to interact with you, and show you ideas for using the products. If you subscribe to our newsletter and facebook, as well as stopping by our blog, we will be regularly showing great ideas for using our products.

Our front page shoot will show a different range of products in situ. You can explore the photo and shop the whole look, or choose individual items that stand out to you. This is an interactive feature that we love!

Luke: My idea! It is fun being able to discover new ideas and things to do with the products. It’s even better when we get feedback from others on our blog telling us what they did. So, drop us a line anytime!

Rebecca: That’s enough from us; go and have a look around. We hope you love it! And remember, we’d love to hear from you!